Radio-80-FullRADIO 80 started out as Long Duk Dong in the early 2000’s as Lexington’s 1st 80’s tribute band and quickly became one of Lexington’s Favorite local acts. The bands fan base grew strong year after year and in 2005 was voted The Lexington Herald Leader’s Favorite Local Band!
LDD disbanded in 2009 after losing one of the founding members, Shan Justice. The remaining members, Jeff Lyman and Carroll Jones, decided to reform the band in 2010 with Tony Dell’Orfano and Luke Hippe and rename the band The Brat Pak. Unfortunately, that name was tied up in a Trademark dispute (being used by several musical acts around the US) SOOOoooooooo Radio 80 was born and is still dedicating themselves to giving the “Donger Faithful” and now “R80 Faithful” what they’ve always wanted…Great 80’s music!
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